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Grappler Truck Operator, Central Florida Arbor Care ~ Astatula

Florida, USA

Job Type

Hourly, Full-Time

About the Role

The position is an Equipment Operator/ Grappler Truck Operator. Central Florida Arbor Care specializes in disposing of tree debris, storm recovery, and environmental material recycling. This person will be responsible for operating the truck and using the grappler equipment to clean tree debris.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Review daily work orders for debris pickups
• Conduct a daily pre-trip Inspection per DOT requirements
• Be able to take direction and work closely with dispatch
• Be able to communicate with customers and crew members
• Be able to drive the truck to job sites and load/offload the truck with an extreme focus on safety
• Collect payments from customers
• Have knowledge of the central Florida roads and the ability to navigate to various job sites
• Be able to work independently and problem solve minor issues
• Be able to make minor mechanical repairs
• Complete all daily paperwork required by the dispatcher

• High School Diploma or GED required.
• Must hold a valid DOT medical card.
• Experience in tree removal is preferred.
• Familiarity with heavy equipment is essential.
• Always have a Class A or Class B CDL with at least 2 years of verifiable driving experience.
• Must have at least 1 year of verifiable experience operating a Grapple or Knuckle boom truck.
• Must abide by all DOT requirements and guidelines.
• Maintain all speed limits, weight requirements, and always operate the vehicle in a safe manner.
• Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S.
• All applicants must pass pre-employment testing, which includes background checks, MVR, and drug testing to qualify for employment.

Working conditions

• Storm cleanup jobs may require staying out of town and working additional hours for extended periods.
• Job requires some extended hours, as needed, to accomplish job requirements.
• Frequently working in all types of outside weather conditions, being exposed to wet and/or humid conditions fumes and/or heavy dust.
• Job requires working in and around machinery/powered equipment and associated safety risks.
• Job requires interaction with various tree and forestry locations.
• Job requires interaction with customers to resolve issues.

Physical requirements

• Job requires sitting and driving for extended periods of time.
• Be able to lift up to 50lbs.
• Ability to climb up and down ladders multiple times per day.
• Ability to operate hydraulically controlled levers in a safe manner.

Note: This document is a general description of the duties involved for the indicated position. The Company reserves the right to revise or change job descriptions, duties, or responsibilities of any employee at any time as the need arises. This Job Description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment or of assigned duties.

About the Company

Sustainable Green Team is a provider of environmentally conscious solutions in the arbor care, disposal, and recycling industry. The Company is a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of wood-based mulch and lumber products, operating throughout the Midwest, including Ohio Valley and southeast regions. The Company also provides arbor care, storm recovery services, and environmentally conscious green waste solutions to municipalities, corporations, and consumers in the United States.

National Storm Recovery, LLC, a subsidiary of Sustainable Green Team, is a provider of arbor care, tree trimming, and storm debris clean-up and disposal services throughout the southeastern United States. Mulch Manufacturing, Inc., another subsidiary of Sustainable Green Team, is a well-established manufacturer of mulch and lumber. Mulch Manufacturing also creates proprietary mulch dyes, colorants, and coloring machines through its own R&D division, Nature’s Reflections. This division also houses the Company’s proprietary mulch processing equipment. The consolidation of these two subsidiaries vertically integrates our mulch feedstock supply chain and allows the Company to control the process from harvest to the wholesale and retail sale of mulch and other timber-based products. The Company’s development and distribution of proprietary dyes, colorants, and manufacturing equipment, in combination with a unique ability to source alternate raw materials and to create, acquire and grow additional products and product lines, positions Sustainable Green Team as a leader in its industry.

The Company together with its operating subsidiaries, National Storm Recovery, LLC and Mulch Manufacturing, Inc., is a vertically integrated, next generation mulch manufacturing company, whose operations begin with the acquisition of wood-based, feedstock and other natural materials used for its next-generation soil and mulch products. The acquisition of feedstock through its arbor and lumber businesses is a significant, differentiating, factor of the Company’s operations that sets it apart from and is not shared by its competitors. Benefits include: i) its operations, including the strategic partnership that it has with a large waste management company, have a positive impact on the environment; and ii) the acquisition process for its feedstock is both an additional source of revenue and a lower cost of sales. All companies that produce and sell wood-based mulch require raw feedstock material to produce their finished goods. Most other mulch and soil companies must purchase their feedstock from third party lumber mills at higher costs and cannot control the availability and quality of the various species such as cypress and pine. This forces them to stockpile feedstock inventory, increasing their costs and their business risk, to ensure they have sufficient product availability.

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